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We create websites that are streamlined, secure and load quickly.
What we do
In short; we build great websites. Our easy to use content management system (CMS) is based on modules, not themes. This approach divides each page of your website into compartmentalised units that can be added, deleted and rearranged with ease. We've created a library of versatile modules designed to speed up repetitive tasks, and we hand-code custom modules that integrate with complex or client specific functionality. This mix and match approach allows us to produce websites that are unique and powerful, yet reasonably priced.

Recent statistics show almost 57% of internet traffic comes from mobile and tablet, so we design our websites to look good on the widest range of screen sizes, and optimise them to load quickly on mobile internet connections. We build in a way that enhances security and reliability, because small business websites were the target of 43% of recent data breaches. 
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Pixel perfect design
Our design philosophy ensures that your site looks great, whichever screen size it is viewed on. We work with you to curate your existing site materials and can produce new assets if required; because a great website needs quality content. We test extensively and pay close attention to little details; as striking, well-cropped imagery and clear, concise copy can lead to new customers.
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Safe, secure and reliable
Our approach is designed to make your website less susceptible to malicious attacks. We accomplish this by building 'static', database-free sites that don't store sensititve personal information, and working with industry leading third parties to host, protect and enhance the reliability of your website. Our platform backs up your site and content regularly, to minimise the chance of data loss. This allows you to focus on running your business, instead of worrying about website vulnerabilities.
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Speedy site loading times
Our websites load quickly because speed is at the forefront of everything we do; from using modern programming languages to intelligently resizing and optimising your images (without compromising the quality). A quicker website is likely to increase sales, because recent studies have shown that the average mobile webpage load time is 15.3 seconds, but 53% of website visits are abandoned if a site hasn't loaded within three seconds.
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Search engine optimisation
Our websites rank highly with search engines because we build fast, mobile-friendly sites that load their content upfront. We work with you to create unique content for each page of your website, so search engines consider your site valuable. 94% of search traffic comes from Google and these are some of the key metrics they use to decide where to position your website. Most other search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques require ongoing implementation after your site is live; but this is also something we offer support in.
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Accessibility is important to us, as we think your website should be usable by as many people as possible, regardless of ability, device or internet connection. To achieve this goal, our sites are navigable without a mouse, optimised for use with screen readers and text legibility is carefully considered.
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Flexible module options
We've created a library of modules that we call our building blocks, designed to take care of the repetitive tasks in website building; like adding text, images, galleries, contact forms and much more. These allow us to set up simple sites quickly and easily, but they are heavily customisable; so your site can be both affordable and unique. Where more advanced functionality, external platform integration or alternative design styles are required, we hand-code modules that work within the same malleable site structure.
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Easy updates
We believe that a website is your digital storefront, so it should be refreshed regularly, not published once and left to gather dust. That is why the ongoing maintenance of your website is as important to us as the initial build. Our content management system (CMS) makes it easy to add, remove and change the way content is displayed, eliminating the issues our clients have faced with other platforms. It allows us to create good-looking, flexible, affordable websites, that remain relevant far into the future.
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Reliable experts
Our client facing team are multi-skilled, so you will always be talking to someone that understands our technology and can advise on the best solution for your business, whether they are a designer, developer or a strategist. We know some clients only need us during the creation of their site, while others prefer longer term support; which is why we offer a range of optional support packages.
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